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I have over 35 years experience in the luxury retail sector as a make-up artist and beautician. Before my career started my passion was always candles and scents.


I discovered my love and passion for candles at a very young age. I was born and bred in Yorkshire. During the 70s we experienced a lot of power cuts and candles would often be found in most households, under the kitchen sink. The lights would suddenly go out. Then the chaos would follow. Where are the matches? The whole family would start shouting where they had last seen the matches. Eventually the matches would be found and the candles lit. Calm would hit our family as we sat and discussed laughable and lovable times gathered around warm glowing candles.


During the summer holidays, time would be spent with my grandparents in Lancashire. My grandma was a very spiritual lady.  Not only did she burn candles inside the house but also in her garden. Grandma’s garden was beautiful. Especially when the candles were aglow. The effect of the light from the flickering flame would enhance the different scents of the plants, flowers and trees that breezed past me. Now I have created fragranced candles that still evoke special memories.


I know the effects that candlelight and fragrance can have on senses and moods. A lit candle can guide you into a world of Stillness, Solitude and Serenity. My candles are just the first step of creating passions soon to be available are soothing sachets for the bath, burning oils, travel candles and scented sachets.


As Always I hope you enjoy using and giving these as much as I enjoy creating them.


Love and Light!


Millie Edwards

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