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In our ever-increasingly fast paced lives we may often dream of escaping to a quiet retreat for a luxury pampering or back-to-basics experience and leave the worries of the daily grind behind us. The reality of the situation is that with work and life commitments we simply find it challenging to find the  time, or finances, to pursue this as often as we wish.
Home, indeed, is where the heart is and it is important to take time out of  our hectic schedules to reconnect with ourselves and our surroundings. 
There is no reason why our habitat cannot be a sanctuary, too.
From setting the mood for an intimate romantic meal to ceremonial use in religions across the world, the use of candles is widespread and has long running tradition of providing an ambience for a multitude of occasions and celebrations.
All Millie Edwards Candles are hand made and contain high quality ingredients. It is my intention to present to you this collection, suitable for home use or travelling, and make ideal gifts for family, friends and loved ones. 
I hope you receive as much enjoyment from using them as I gain from making them.
Love and Light!

We offer you a wide range of candles that you can match to suit your mood.


Millie Edwards has  a wide range of high-quality products at amazing prices. We are here to give you a friendly welcome and all the help you need.

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